5 ways to fight your inner morning grouch

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Is there a better option for the weekend than staying in bed all day with a huge cup of coffee and a great book (or just Netflix)? We love these kind of saturdays & sundays 'cause we're also addicted to our cosy sheets. So during the week it can be pretty hard to get out of the bed in the morning. We all know that we need to get out of bed to go to work, to meetings or to whatever you're going to do, but we guess that most of us need to brace theirselfs 
up many times. Kat really hates it, when she got the feeling like her eyes don't want to lift up 'cause she's still sleep-drugged and her buzzer is calling.  
But we've found a few easy ways to get up early and to start into a new day without any "effort". So let's fight our inner morning grouch together:

1.) Get enough sleep! Yeah, this idea is a classical one, but it's just true. If your body gets enought sleep it'll become pretty easy to get up in the 
     morning 'cause you don't feel so exhausted and tired.

2.) Fresh air & sun! Right now it's a pretty hard to get sunlight in early morning, but as soon as spring/summer is going to show us some love, we 
     can get some energy from the first sunbeams in the morning! Another option is to let some fresh air into your flat. The cold morning air is going 
     to refresh your mind.

3.) It's all about the sound! If your like to hear the news or your favourite song in the morning, just get carried by the sound and start into the new 
     day with an alert mind or a great "good morning"-dance in your bedroom.

4.) Don't snooze! I know, it's inviting to skip the first alarm of the buzzer to stay in bed for another 10 minutes, but it'll makes it harder for your to 
     get up 'cause your body started to get into it's "wake up"-mood by the first alarm .

5.) Be prepared! Take a few minutes in the evening to prepare your outfit for the next day or even your food for breakfast or lunch. These little 
     things will make your morning a bit more relaxed.

Do you have any more suggestions to add to our list? We would love to read your opinions at the comment area. Happy weekend everyone!

Outfit: Black/white contrast pants with wrap-around blouse and cat bag

Heart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, BagHeart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, Bag
Heart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, Bag
Heart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, BagHeart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, Bag
Heart and Soul for Fashion, Fashionblog, Outfit, Black'n'White, Slacks, Wrap-around Blouse, Vest, Cat, Bag

Weste/vest: Forever21 (similar here)
Bluse/blouse: H&M (similar here)
Hose/pants: H&M (similar here)

Tasche/bag: H&M (similar here)
Stiefeletten/ankle boots: Primark (similar here)

Today I'll let the look speak for itself 'cause my head is packed with preparations for my upcoming recruitment test (including job interview) and I'm only hoping for the best result 'cause I would really love to change my professional life in a (hopefully) more positive way. So keep your fingers crossed for me
Now tell me what do you think about todays outfit? Just a quick note at the end: You can find more inspiring clothes and accessories at our new shop-area on the blog called SEE.LOVE.SHOP!

Two weeks without a smartphone

I spent the last two weeks without smartphone and it was pretty relaxing....at least in the end ;). At the beginning it was damn strange for me to get cut off all our social media channels but it made me also realize, that it's still possible to enjoy your daily life without a smartphone, when you start to refocus 
on personal contacts and the basics (like spending time outside, reading books in hard copy, visiting friends/family instead of writting a message and so much more). I've just started to write down my toughts within these two weeks to get a view about possible changes in my mind and my behavior:

Day 1 till 2
I'm really pissed off about my own misfortune since I just dropped my smartphone into the full sink, but this damn smartphone should've been water-/
dustproofed. Unfortunately it seems like my phone is just one of these "exceptional cases" 'cause it just died after less than 5 seconds in the water. 
Even the well-known tips (like putting the smartphone into rice to dry flat) didn't worked. So there's a note to myself: Never trust the maker informa-
tion again & keep your smartphone away from any source of water! Damn, I'm still kind of pissed off!

Day 3 till 4
It just feels like an automatism when I unconsciously feel for the places where I usually put my smartphone down/into. Got to remind myself about my misfortune from time to time! It's a bit scary how we all got (more or less) addicted to smartphones, right?

Day 5 - 7
I'm starting to relax a bit more than usual. I spent my quality time rather with a coffee and a magazin/book instead of scolling through Instagram, check-
ing Pintrest for wedding inspiration or looking Snapchat in between and it really makes a difference! It feels like I'm already having more personal conta-
cts/conversations in relation to the time before (with smartphone) 'cause I'm taking the time to meet up with other people instead of texting/mailing them. I'm also sleeping better (and more) when I don't have my smartphone close to me.

Day 8 - 13
Smartphone? Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it 'cause it's pretty easy to live without it! You don't feel like you need to stay up-to-date or reachable (24/
7) anymore. Your friends and family know your landline number or your adress and you're getting more spontaneous visits again! Of course it's great (es-
pecially for bloggers) to be able to share pictures/videos on Snapchat or Instagram but it's not the end of the world, if you give yourself a little offline-
break (more than only a few minutes!) from time to time.

Day 14
Today I've got the package with my fixed or exchanged smartphone. I don't know what's inside the package 'cause I didn't opened it so far. I don't feel 
like I need to hurry up now, even for the fact that I would love to update our social media chanels again. I decided that I'll create a bit more quality time 
for myself by putting the smartphone far away after 6 pm (only exception are events in the evening!) and in between for more coffee or dinner dates 
with my love, family or friends. So maybe I'll open the package tomorrow... 

Did you ever had to renounce on your smartphone for such a "long" period? How did you feel about it? Share your experiences in the comment area!

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The journey to our wedding - No.1

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"Oh my god, he's not joking!" I guess that was my first thought, when Basti proposed the big question to me. It felt kind of epic and amazing at the same time and it's pretty hard to describe this great feelings. If you follow us on Snapchat you've already heard the big news ('cause I just can' t hide such great news!): Basti and I are just engaged and I'm so so so sooooooo happy and exited. I never thought that I'll end up in such an amazing relationship with my soulmate and I'm so grateful for every single day which we can spent together! We've been talking about our future since the beginning of our relationship 'cause we always had the feeling that our connection was special and strong. So now it's about to go real and we're starting another level of our relationship. I can't wait for our shared future. ♥ We both agreed that we would like to share the journey of our wedding on the blog to give you a little view into our ideas, preparations and much more 'cause it'll probably take a lot of time besides our daily jobs and we don't want our blog to die out. By the way: Don't wonder if you don't see any kind of "new engagement ring" on my hands in future outfit posts. We just decided to stay with our beloved black rings and to invest the money into our wedding. So get ready for many wedding topics in addiction to the fashion and lifestyle posts at Heart and Soul for Fashion.
If you want to get a closer view into our journey and our daily life, just follow on Instagram (@heartandsoulforfashion) or Snapchat (@heartandfashion).

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Outfit inspiration for men & woman # 3

-Both looks contain affiliate-links.-