How to clean out your wardrobe effective

Good morning lovers ♥. Today I wanted to share a few tips how to clean out your wardrobe effective for the upcoming season. I think season change is always a good option to say goodbye to a few pieces who're well-worn or just not your style anymore. Before I start with my tips I just want to note that I'm not a pro or something like that. I think my strategy for cleaning out my wardrobe has just become more sophisticated over time 'cause when I look back a couple of years ago it was such a mess when I started to clean out my closet (Imagine a mountain of different clothes with no clue of reasonable organisation. Just me building two more mountains with the option "I like" and "I don't like it anymore" - no fit, no ideas of combination options). But fortunately this is a part of my past and now I'm taking it simple but with a strategy. Ok, so let's start with the tips:

1.) Boxes, baskets and trash bags! I always start with put up a few of these to sort the clothes/accessories/shoes right away. I divide them 
     into "Back into the closet","Second Look"/"Flea market", "Charity" and of course "Trash".

2.) Try it on! I'm always checking the fit of every piece in my closet to see if it still looks well, had become to big/small for myself or maybe 
     just warped over time. 

3.) Think about it! No idea how to combinate the piece you're holding in your hands right now? Then let it go! Sell it on the flea market or just 
     give it to charity. Most of the times I'm selling 'special pieces' (who are not everyone's kind of taste) on the flea market and I'm giving basic 
     pieces (like shirts, jeans, coats or blazer) to charity. If you got a piece which you can't let got but you got no combination idea yet, put it 
     into the "Second look" basket and check it out once more after you're done. But remember that you want a clean out of your wardrobe so this 
     shouldn't be an excuse to keep everything ;). 

4.) Look for possible damage! I'm always checking every piece (besides the trash) for holes or negative stress marks. If it's damaged 
     I'll put it into the trash bag or simply cut it into cleaning rags ;).

5.) Almost done! When you've sorted everything it's time to clean the shelfs/rails and to rearrange your closet however you like - maybe you want 
     to separate your pieces in colors sections or types of clothes/accessories/shoes. And that's it!

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  1. Hi Kat,

    a clean out is always a good idea and you have some really good advices. May I recommend Charity Heels as a good place to sell your designer high heels if they have proved to be a bad buy? Too big, too small, to high, no occassion to wear ... we welcome everybody to sell your expensive and nearly unworn heels on our platform and be part of our family. WALK GOOD, DO GOOD, FEEL GOOD

    Btw: like your new hair color, saw it on insta last week.
    Big hugs


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