BFW 2016 - ZEITmagazin & VOUGE conference

We're also able to join the ZEITmagazin x VOUGE conference (fashion & style) at the stunning Kronprinzenpalais (Really glamourous with big chandeliers and red carpets - even with a huge construction area next to it!). We decided to give you a quick outline of the discussions/conversations who interested/
inspired us the most:

Tillmann Prüfer (Style Director/member of the main editor office at ZEITmagazine) held a inspiring talk about creativity (starting with a fun relation based of the latest Star Wars movie!) 'cause creativity is not about reheating old ideas. It's about following sudden inspirations and creating dreams ag-
ain! He reminded us that especially fashion should stay unpredictable and provide an answer of unasked questions. 

Following this, we've listened to a conversation of Christiane Arp (chief editor of the german Vouge) and Dorothee Schumacher(designer/entrepreneur) who talked about the beginning of Dorothee Schumacher's brand/business and the compatibility of family and career (she started her brand/business with only 23 years and also got four kids!). Also they talked about the progress of berlin (and germany in general) as a lasting base for local fashion designers. Dorothee Schumacher reminded the audience that Berlin is still a young fashion industrie/week and that for example the London fashion industrie/week needed twenty years got at that current point.

After this inspiring talk Christoph Amend (chief editor of ZEITmagazine) and Justin O'Shea (Buying Directorof started a conversation about the mutual affect of womens-/menswear, australian elation and Justin O'Sheas lack of understanding about unhappy faces at fashion shows. He also blab his worst buy (They bought 1000% more of Marc by Marc Jacobs High Tops than the past year amount and only sold like 3 %!) and his look for the job interview at Black jeans & tanktop, Doc Martens and a leather jacket.

Last but not least we enjoyed the conversation of Marina Hoermanseder (designer), Dr. Christian Ehler (member of the european parliament) and Tillmann Prüfer (Style Director/member of the main editor office at ZEITmagazine) about the support of german fashion by the Fashion Council Ger-
and also at a european level 'cause the european parliament intended to create a European Fashion Council which would connected the european fashion industrie/designers on a new level .

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