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Good morning everyone! We're just wanted to share some great news: Kat is featured within the Westwing Travel Story (category 'Souvenirs') next to other great bloggers (like Zeitgeschmack, The Fashion Fraction or Amour de soi) and we're excited about it! Besides the fact that we love to shop inter-
ior at the Westwing online shop, we feel really horned to be part of the Westwing travel story. It's a great inspiration for everyone who is searching for some holiday vibes at home or just travel ideas. You can find Kat's feature down below or you can check it out at the Westwing page: HERE ! The text beside the picture says: "When I think about New York there're two things which come to my mind immediately - fashion and creativity. I found this shoes at a little shoe store in the Big Apple and I knew right away that they'll become my favourite souvenir from New York City 'cause they combine both things in a perfect way. After this trip I was able to visit New York a few times more and everytime I took my beloved Jeffrey Campbell's with me."

Guten Morgen! Wir wollten euch nur ganz kurz auf das Feature von Kat im Rahmen der Westwing Travel Story (Kategory: Souvenirs) aufmerksam mach-
en, worüber wir uns riesig freuen! Die Westwing Travel Story bietet euch tolle Inspirationen für das perfekte Urlaubsfeeling zuhause oder auch für neue Reiseziele! Neben Kat zeigen auch noch andere tolle Blogger (z.B. Zeitgeschmack, The Fashion Fraction oder Amour de soi) ihre Lieblingssouvenirs aus den unterschiedlichsten Städten und Ländern. Kat's Feature findet ihr übrigens auch HIER!

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