5 ways to fight your inner morning grouch

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Is there a better option for the weekend than staying in bed all day with a huge cup of coffee and a great book (or just Netflix)? We love these kind of saturdays & sundays 'cause we're also addicted to our cosy sheets. So during the week it can be pretty hard to get out of the bed in the morning. We all know that we need to get out of bed to go to work, to meetings or to whatever you're going to do, but we guess that most of us need to brace theirselfs 
up many times. Kat really hates it, when she got the feeling like her eyes don't want to lift up 'cause she's still sleep-drugged and her buzzer is calling.  
But we've found a few easy ways to get up early and to start into a new day without any "effort". So let's fight our inner morning grouch together:

1.) Get enough sleep! Yeah, this idea is a classical one, but it's just true. If your body gets enought sleep it'll become pretty easy to get up in the 
     morning 'cause you don't feel so exhausted and tired.

2.) Fresh air & sun! Right now it's a pretty hard to get sunlight in early morning, but as soon as spring/summer is going to show us some love, we 
     can get some energy from the first sunbeams in the morning! Another option is to let some fresh air into your flat. The cold morning air is going 
     to refresh your mind.

3.) It's all about the sound! If your like to hear the news or your favourite song in the morning, just get carried by the sound and start into the new 
     day with an alert mind or a great "good morning"-dance in your bedroom.

4.) Don't snooze! I know, it's inviting to skip the first alarm of the buzzer to stay in bed for another 10 minutes, but it'll makes it harder for your to 
     get up 'cause your body started to get into it's "wake up"-mood by the first alarm .

5.) Be prepared! Take a few minutes in the evening to prepare your outfit for the next day or even your food for breakfast or lunch. These little 
     things will make your morning a bit more relaxed.

Do you have any more suggestions to add to our list? We would love to read your opinions at the comment area. Happy weekend everyone!

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